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Meals on Wheels

Warren County, TN


Most elderly individuals would like to stay in their homes and remain self-sufficient as long as possible.  To help accommodate this need for self-sufficiency, the Meals on Wheels Program was created. The program prepares hot, nutritious meals daily. The meals are then delivered to the client’s home by volunteers from the community.  The volunteers are not paid for their service or their mileage. The program is totally dependent on those volunteers to get the meals delivered. Along with the food, a volunteer may do a wellness check to help with other needs of the client. Sometimes the clients need help with information, assistance with appointments or simply a conversation with someone who cares. The clients are not isolated because someone is in the home daily.

The program continues to need volunteers.  Call 473-3514 to volunteer and give your time to help others.

Please consider helping! We need volunteers badly!